by Ed Haynor, Newaygo, MI
October 2020

It has been this author’s belief, that most of our Haner of various surname spellings ancestors, who came to America, migrated from Germanic Europe directly from Northern Germany; some via England or The Netherlands, then eventually to North America.  But this theory might not be completely true, since evidence has been uncovered identifying an ancient “Heiner Tribe” located in Norway on the border with Sweden, at least by the year 150 AD (CE, Common Era) and possibly millenniums before.  

So, it’s possible that the Haner of various spellings ancestral line (Haplogroup E1b1b1 (M35) shown below, eventually in Europe, into the British Isles may have been via Scandinavia (North Germanic), i.e., Norway, Denmark and/or Sweden across the North Sea, east to west, and not directly northland from mainland Germanic Europe (Northern Germany, France or The Netherlands) to England.  It’s also possible that some ancient Haner ancestral lines traveled from Scandinavia to Ireland, then to America, or from Scandinavia to Ireland, to England to America. 

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