2017 Hayner Reunion in Albany, NY
2017 Hayner Reunion in Albany, New York

The Hayner Family Association holds a reunion open to all members usually every other year. The location for the reunion varies, although it always has some connection to the family history.

The first reunion was held in 1953 in Center Brunswick, New York. The most recent reunion was held in July 2019 at the Hayner Cultural Center in Troy, Ohio.

July 2021 was to be our next scheduled reunion. New members and eager past attendees have been told of exploring options to return to New York and to “stay tuned.” However, during a recent discussion among our officers and shared with members of our family advisory team, we have decided that 2021 remains too uncertain and risky to proceed with reunion plans, which could be affected by the status of the pandemic.

Current constraints on travel, lodging, and tourism; the age of some attendees; and the preference for a midsummer event in New York State, all led to a decision to postpone our next reunion until July 2022, rather than moving it to fall 2021, when the height of upstate and New England leaf-peeper season creates sky-high pricing and limited availability of lodging and meeting facilities. We are all disappointed to have to reschedule the reunion, but we felt that it was the safest decision we could make.

Look for more details on the next reunion to be posted in early 2022.