Descendants of Johannes Hoener in the New World And of Families with Variations of the Haner/Hayner Name, Including Haynor, Hanor, and Others, Who Are Not Yet Linked to Johannes

Fourth Edition, Edited for Privacy

Compiled over the years by  Jennie Hayner; Mabelle Hayner; Florence W. Hayner; Rutherford McChesney Hayner; Franklin Miller Jr.; Diane Anderson; and William Hainer

Copyright © 2020 by the Hayner Family Association

How to use this book

This online copy is searchable.  If you know your ancestor’s name, or part of the name, go to the pages for Part II or Part III and use the search feature in your browser to see if you can locate him/her in the book.  Each person has an identifying number in front of the name that is only for him/her. Once you locate your person, search using the number to find any other occurrences of that identifying number.  

A “+” sign next to a name means that the person married and had children, and some mention of his/her descendants will be included.  However, this version of the book has been edited for privacy, so no one who was born after 1940 appears.

It is inevitable that mistakes and typographical errors have crept into a work of this magnitude. Please use our contact form if you have additions and corrections for your family.  





The family data in this book are as complete and accurate as humanly possible at this time. The historical material has come from family tradition, from sources given in the text, and from online research in historical databases and on genealogy sites that provide actual documents.  Information about the current and recent generations has come, wherever possible, directly from the persons involved. Nevertheless, the association does not assume legal responsibility for the accuracy of the facts here presented, although it believes them to be correct.

Sometimes . . . . [we] walk through the cemetery. It is a lovely place, small and familiar. We pay our respects to our parents, to our uncles and aunts, to our children. A family is a river; some of it has passed on and more is to come, and nothing is still, because we all move along, day by day, toward our destination. We both feel joy in our hearts when we kneel on the grass before the stones and say a prayer.

Robert Coles