Descendants of Johannes Hoener in the New World and of Families with Variations of the Haner/Hayner Name, Including Haynor, Hanor, and Others, Who Are Not Yet Linked to Johannes

Compiled over the years by Jennie Hayner; Mabelle Hayner; Florence W. Hayner; Rutherford McChesney Hayner; Franklin Miller Jr.; Diane Anderson; and William Hainer

The most recent printed edition of the family history is the two-volume third edition, released in 2001. There is also a printed supplement to the third edition, published in 2014. You can order copies of these below.

The fourth edition, released in 2020, is available online only. NOTE: The online version is edited for privacy, so no one born after 1940 is included.

Our family history book has been compiled by several people over the years.  One of the main goals of the book has been to extend our knowledge of the greater Hayner (of all spellings) family. We have attempted to make the information as accurate as possible.  However, because of the number of people involved, there are bound to be errors. If you notice an error in any of the information provided, please use our contact form to let us know.