2017 Hayner Family Reunion
Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the long-awaited biennial 2017 Hayner Family Reunion Weekend July 28-29 in Albany, New York! With only a few details to be finalized the committee's efforts promise our best Hayner/Haner event ever.  The Best Western Sovereign Hotel has given us a great group rate and includes a hot breakfast, cocktail lounge, indoor pool and fitness room. You might want to book Thursday as an extra night to take advantage of the many attractions in the area.  We will have group dinners on Friday and Saturday nights. We have arranged a guided tour of Germantown with expert speakers. Saturday morning will be a meet-and-greet where there will also be displays of our heritage items.  After the meeting where we discuss finances, the DNA project and membership there will be a fund-raising auction.
Please contact Darryl or Beth Klutts at (607) 743-2960 or dklutts14@aol.com to register.


Hayner Haner Family Genealogy

Descendants of Johannes Hoener in the New World

Johannes Häner, b. 1675, Germany; d. ca 1759 as Johannes Hoener, Rhinebeck, NY - arrived New York, 1710

*The Hayner Family Association was founded in 1953 in upstate New York with the goal "Know Your Kindred Better." We hold reunions, publish a quarterly Hayner Family News, and have published the family history on which this website is based.

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